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Canned Heat in his Face Tonight

This is a movie blog.  And whilst long-dormant acid-jazz mini-volcano Jay Kay (out of Jamiroquai) bears a tenuous connection to the film world at best – he provided the better-than-you-remember theme for epic 1998 fail Godzilla, as well as sound-tracking this classic scene* from Napoleon Dynamite – the below clip** proves that violence, in our desensitised age, can still be shocking.

Furthermore, as it is here, it can also be absolutely hilarious. Watch and enjoy, as a taxi driver, fed up of Kay’s coked-up chiding, delivers the best slice of comeuppance since Carrie hit the ballroom in 1977.

* in my “research” for this piece, I discovered an alarming surfeit of dazzlingly unamusing reworkings of the Napoleon Dynamite dance sequence by American teenagers. Here’s just one.

** apologies for all the lame talking head quip-frippery that adds flab to the clip.