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Tom Selleck’s moustache…

is just one of the things we like to celebrate at Permanent Plastic Helmet on a regular basis, reflecting neatly as it does our love of profound facial hair, the 1980s, and ruggedly handsome leading men of yesteryear (I know he’s in Blue Bloods, but the guy’s hardly at his peak). So imagine our delight when this video surfaced on the internet. Full credit to YouTuber Buchan39 for a masterpiece of cheaply rendered imposition. Just sit back and enjoy:

Tom Selleck’s screen test for Indiana Jones

WATCH: In case you missed it, here is Permanent Plastic Helmet favourite Tom Selleck impressing in some rare footage of an early screen-test for Indiana Jones. The moustachioed heart-throb was initially cast, but CBS refused to free him from his Magnum P.I. contract, paving the way for Harrison Ford.

When a film poster simply doesn’t trust you to work it out for yourself…

“What if they don’t get that he goes to jail, Bob? And what if they think he’s guilty?”

“Well let’s superimpose his massive, furious, floating, rouged face in front of a prison. But lets make sure we make him fade away like a ghost at his chest, revealing an oddly placed snapshot of him in better times, with slightly neater hair, with a woman that looks a bit like Glenn Close, next to the words AN INNOCENT MAN in red. But then lets also write basically the whole plot in four neatly expository sentences just under to the left of his moustache. We can’t lose.”

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