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Films that you probably haven’t seen and definitely shouldn’t #2 – Gayn*ggers From Outer Space (1992, dir. Morten Lindberg)

Forget Glen or Glenda, The Room, White Chicks or Crash because here is, without question, the worst film that you are ever likely to happen across. Gayn*ggers From Outer Space, besides having one of the most offensive titles in the history of cinema, is a veritable cornucopia of stilted acting, beyond cheap special effects, crass stereotypes, misfiring attempts at humour and painful dubbing. It is not Danish cinema’s finest hour.

The plot, such as it is, concerns a gaggle of gay black men from the planet ‘Anus’ who intend to liberate a generation of cowed males by eliminating womankind with their ray guns.  I know. I know…

Despite the clear instruction provided in the title of this article, I have openly contradicted myself by including a clip from the film below. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Here, our friends plan to ‘clean’ Russia of women:

If you are confused by what’s going on, check out the cast of characters below for reference:

  • ArmInAss, a recent graduate of Gay Agent school, seeking the Mark of the Brown Ring and with it the status of a “True” Gaynigger
  • Capt. B. Dick, an experienced and wise leader
  • D. Ildo, an expert at genetic manipulation
  • Sgt. Shaved Balls, a space technician who has served with Captain B many years
  • Mr. Schwul, the German speaking chief engineer
  • The Gay Ambassador