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The PPH tribute to Michael Ironside

…in the form of some carefully curated YouTube clips.

Why? Because it’s Michael Ironside for crying out loud; one of the most hilariously intense, inherently villainous actors of all time. Oh, and that voice of gravel! Literally none of this is safe for work, but you knew that anyway. Enjoy:

Scanners (David Cronenberg, 1980) – scene dubbed in Spanish, naturally

Visiting Hours (Jean-Claude Lord – yes, really, 1982) – in the mood for love

Extreme Prejudice (Walter Hill, 1987) – What are you afraid of?

Starship Troopers (Paul Verhoeven, 1997) – “YUR KNUR WHA TU DURR!”

No idea what film this is, but it’s all kinds of awesome

Did I miss anything?

Double hard