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Finally: Cliff Richard and Danny Dyer on screen together

In flagrant lieu of a proper post, here is some “Friday Fun”™, and I’m pleased to announce (a full month after a number of other outlets have already broken the news) the 2012 release of the film you’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, it’s the film adaptation of Ray Cooney’s “adult” play Run For Your Wife, which has had ’em rolling in the aisles for almost 30 years.

With the most confounding British cast assembled since Michael Winner’s Parting Shots (Ben Kingsley, Oliver Reed, Chris Rea… CHRIS REA!!), Run For Your Wife boasts a leading role for the charming Danny Dyer, as well as major parts for Lionel Blair, Neil Morrissey and Denise van Outen, and cameos from Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris and the ubiquitous Ray Winstone, all of whom have generously waived their fees to appear.

So we can all celebrate in unison, here’s the video of Cliff’s greatest song ‘Wired For Sound’, in which our slender Peter Pan-esque hero rollerskates through Milton Keynes clad in some serious leather. If you are ever asked the question, remember that Cliff likes tall speakers, small speakers and wall speakers, but most of all he likes loud speakers. FYI, like.

Thanks to Tweeter @brusma for alerting me to this in the first place. Have a great weekend.

Weird pairing of the day – Prince and Kristin Scott Thomas in Under The Cherry Moon (dir. Prince, 1986)

"Gett off"

What kind of film is Under The Cherry Moon? The kind you’d find in a second hand store.

Here’s a clip, if you need proof that this actually really happened. In this scene, Prince has turned up one of his songs really loud, and forgotten to turn it off, while the cinematographer has a seizure, zooming in and out with gay abandon, presumably caused by an allergic reaction to the stilted acting and knuckle-suckingly banal script.

Altogether now… “CABBAGE HEAD!”