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George Wendt, are you OK?; or, The pseudo-recontextualisation of a week-old meme for the amusement of a limited few.

Weird, weird, weird. A collection of forgotten 80s and 90s stars line up on a cheaply rendered beach to mime unconvincingly to The Beatles’ ‘Let it Be’ in a Norwegian TV commercial for a show called Gylne Tider/Golden Times (I think). Washed-up too obvious a metaphor?

The mindbending array of random cameos builds at a rapid pace, leaving you scratching your head for the bigger picture. Cheers stalwart George Wendt appears devastated, pink-faced, hands-in-pockets, but manages to pull a half-smile out of the bag before being crudely upstaged by what appears to be the three members of The Big Lebowski’s nihilist electro-pop outfit Autobahn after about 15 years of rich food. When Theo Huxtable turns up, one can only pause the video to take stock.

Neither can you tell whose voice is whose. Ricki Lake appears to have been overdubbed by Boy George, but Paul McKenna (yes, Paul McKenna)’s hypnotically wayward contribution could certainly be of his own doing.

Then there’s disgraced ice-skater Tonya Harding, venomously subtitled ‘Kunstloper i trobbel’. And holy fuck! There’s Allo’ Allo’s Gorden Kaye, superseded by a KanYe-mulleted Carlton Banks. And Judd Nelson, who has turned into Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside.

Its uplifting in the way that David Lynch’s The Elephant Man is uplifting; he has a grotesque appearance, a sad life, and he dies, but at least he gets to have a lie-down at the end.

I’ve said enough. Enjoy it for yourself:


Just in case you can’t enjoy it, thanks to any pending copyright claim by Sony, check out this equally bizarre effort from the same camp, starring Pat Sharp, Peter Shilton, Limahl, Eddie the Eagle, Louis Gossett Jr. and Lorenzo Lamas (yep, Renegade). Christ on a bike.

* R.I.P. the great Leslie Nielsen, who appears here, with the same level of deadpan gravitas he always had

** This post features no original research whatsoever

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