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Shining for all the family…

For some Friday Fun™ on Permanent Plastic Helmet, here’s an oldie (at the time of writing it’s only had a mere 2,284,155 views) but a goodie; a trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1980 chiller The Shining recut to resemble an uplifting family comedy. If the clip doesn’t make you howl with laughter, then some of the YouTube comments wildly missing the point certainly will. Credit goes to PPH contributor Guillaume Gendron (about to embark on journalism school in Paris – do wish him luck) for reminding me of it, and YouTuber neochosen for the upload in the first place. Enjoy:

Trippin’: Drug freak-outs on film

For some Friday fun on Permanent Plastic Helmet, here is a brilliant compilation of 50 of the trippiest drug-related freak-outs in movie history, courtesy of YouTuber Mewlists. Warning: includes harrowing footage of Harvey Keitel going postal in Bad Lieutenant, which is not really suitable for anyone, let alone children.

To augment the above madness, here is a slightly more in-depth take on some particularly bizarre drug-addled film scenes from the redoubtable A.V.Club (for the uninitiated, it’s one of my favourite websites; a treasure trove of pop culture information and discussion), including Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas succumbing to an epically cheaply rendered PCP meltodwn in the little-seen cult curio Death Drug.

Enjoy. And don’t try at home, etc…