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Watch: nearly an hour’s worth of deleted scenes from Blue Velvet

“It’s like the song ‘Amazing Grace’. The footage was lost, but now it’s found” – David Lynch.

This has been doing the rounds on the internet, but I figured that a re-post wouldn’t do any harm. YouTuber heavymetalirishman (I suspect he would do what it says on the tin, to paraphrase Jim from last year’s Apprentice) has uploaded nearly a full hour of amazing – and very much NSFW – deleted scenes from David Lynch’s creepy 1986 masterpiece.

Here’s a sliver of the precis, from website Dangerous Minds:

Blue Velvet’s original shooting script is reputed to have been over four hours long. The theatrical release came in at 120 minutes. An additional hour of deleted footage was thought to have been lost when the producer of the film, Dino De Laurentis, sold his company. Fortunately, the footage was located and was released as an extra on the Blu-ray edition…  These deleted scenes have been uploaded to YouTube… Rumour has it that there is even more footage out there.”


Londoners should also be aware that Blue Velvet is screening at the amazing Prince Charles Cinema on Monday 16 July.

Do your bit for independent DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK with a click or two

In the light of the damage done to the stock of several independent film, DVD and Blu-ray distributors in the London riots, website Bleeding Cool have complied a thorough list of links where you can visit the iTunes store or other vendors to buy films from said distributors. If enough copies of enough films get purchased, it will make a real impact on the distributors’ chances of comeback from the destruction. Click away.

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