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Trippin’: Drug freak-outs on film

For some Friday fun on Permanent Plastic Helmet, here is a brilliant compilation of 50 of the trippiest drug-related freak-outs in movie history, courtesy of YouTuber Mewlists. Warning: includes harrowing footage of Harvey Keitel going postal in Bad Lieutenant, which is not really suitable for anyone, let alone children.

To augment the above madness, here is a slightly more in-depth take on some particularly bizarre drug-addled film scenes from the redoubtable A.V.Club (for the uninitiated, it’s one of my favourite websites; a treasure trove of pop culture information and discussion), including Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas succumbing to an epically cheaply rendered PCP meltodwn in the little-seen cult curio Death Drug.

Enjoy. And don’t try at home, etc…