Random YouTube video of the week archive

#25: Jean-Michel Basquiat goes to see Kid Creole and the Coconuts in Downtown ’81 (w/c 29.10.12)

#24: Hotshot. Pele’s beard! Pele’s tears! (Rick King, 1987)  (w/c 8.10.12)

#23: The Dirk Diggler Story (Paul Thomas Anderson, 1988)  (w/c 24.9.12)

#22: Alan Clarke’s Elephant (1989) in full (w/c 6.8.12)

#21: Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Mattress Man commercial (Punch-Drunk Love extra) (w/c 16.7.12)

#20: David Bowie’s performance as Andy Warhol in Basquiat (Julian Schnabel, 1996) (w/c 9.7.12)

#19: Classic Nike Ad ft. Spike Lee, Michael Jordan and Little Richard (w/c 2.7.12) 

#18: George C Scott sits down to watch Jack & Jill (w/c 25.6.12) 

#17: The worst Cockney accent of all time – Charlie Hunnam in Green Street (Lexi Alexander, 2005) (w/c 18.6.12) 

#16: David Byrne interviews himself for Stop Making Sense (w/c 11.6.12)

#15: Morgan Freeman delivers a stone-cold pimp slap in front of Christopher Reeve (from Street Smart, dir. Jerry Schatzberg, 1987) (w/c 4.6.12)

#14: A grumpy Billy Bob Thornton terrorizes a local radio DJ. The DJ does pretty well (w/c 28.5.12)

#13: R Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet parts 1-12 (w/c 21.5.12)

#12: The decidedly odd promo for Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time” ft. Rick James (w/c 14.5.12)

#11: “This is a stupid town!” John Cassavetes goes on an amazing rant about audiences in a 1978 TV interview (w/c 7.4.12)

#10: David O Russell v. Lily Tomlin on the set of I Heart Huckabees (w/c 30.4.12)

#9: Josh Hartnett tries a Sheffield accent in Blow Dry (1999), sounds Indian (w/c 23.4.12)

#8: The surreal moment when Woody Harrelson beat Jamie Theakston from the penalty spot in a charity football match (w/c 16.4.12)

#7. Bill Murray anti-technology rant from 1982 (w/c 2.4.12)

#6. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cameo appearance in The Long Goodbye (1973) (w/c 26.3.12)

#5. Ed Harris flips at A History Of Violence press conference (w/c 19.3.12)

#4. TV version opening scene of The Warriors (1979), cut from theatrical release (w/c 12.3.12)

#3. Sammy Davis Jr. advertises Suntory Whisky (w/c 5.3.12)

#2. Spoof Wesley Snipes Levi’s commercial (w/c 27.2.12)

#1. YouTube Poop: Samuel Jackson has prostate problems (w/c 20.2.12)

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