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Alarming Movie Haircuts #3 – Paul Simon, Annie Hall (1975)

In an attempt to put his tonsorial rival/erstwhile partner Art Garfunkel back into his silly hair box, Paul Simon (third right) pulled this floppy, limp, wraparound masterwork out of the bag in his vaguely sleazy cameo in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.

"Kick my ass. Go on. Kick my ass"

Influence on:

Paint the town Brown

Further influence on:

Vicky Cristina Arselona

Alarming Movie Haircuts #2 – Cameron Diaz, Being John Malkovich (1999)

No amount of Ben Stiller’s milky output could save this shambolic thatch as sported by a dowdy Diaz in Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman’s still-confounding Being John Malkovich (which is now 11 years old, by the way! Feel old?)

"You can't help me, Ben"

Influenced by:

Gene Wilder: "Hi"

Influence on:

Newcastle United's Fabrizio Coloccini: "The guy writing this can't think of a funny caption"

Alarming Movie Haircuts #1 – Eddie Murphy, Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)

Here is Eddie Murphy sporting a disconcerting Black Man’s Mullet (or, ‘blullet’), in his 1995 turkey Vampire in Brooklyn. Easily the most frightening thing in the film.

Blullet to the head

Influenced by:

Ashford, from Ashford and Simpson. Solid.

Influence on:

Kanye 'Fred' West