My opinion of Prometheus as expressed through the facial expressions of Eddie Murphy

So that was Prometheus. Having scrupulously avoided the multimedia promo bombing campaign and fevered opinion recklessly ejaculated all over my social networks, my expectations of the film were kept largely

And I think I did the right thing in avoiding all the hype. Parts of Ridley Scott’s portentous space opera were distinctly

Yet thankfully, the production design, and some sequences (as you’d expect from a director with Ridley Scott’s chops and experience) were absolutely

Most of the plot was

And whoever chose to cast Logan Marshall-Green in the pivotal role of archaeologist Charlie Holloway was absolutely

But whenever Michael Fassbender was onscreen (as Lawrence of Arabia-obsessed droid David), the film, as I’d hoped and expected, was

Noomi Rapace also did pretty well, and her big scene was

In summary, then, Prometheus was essentially

but more a work of polished sci-fi appropriation than anything else; like spending a couple of hours on, trying to work out where all the best hooks and basslines come from on that new rap album you’ve been listening to.

4 thoughts on “My opinion of Prometheus as expressed through the facial expressions of Eddie Murphy

  1. lasopa

    Great、haven’t watched it yet. Therefore best review I’ve read so far in terms of giving me a flavour without spoilers and making me spill my beer with laughter. Cheers

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  3. Christie

    I don’t know how I got here, almost 2 years after this was published… But, my friend, you deserve a reply. That was awesome. I showed it to all my friend, and we all laughed for a good time. Kudos to you.


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