George C Scott watches the trailer for the new Adam Sandler film

This is a brilliant internet meme which is sure to soon be appropriated just as freely as Hitler’s breakdown scene in Downfall. In Paul Schrader’s 1979 film Hardcore, a fish-out-of-water Midwest businessman (George C Scott) ventures into the sordid porno underworld of California to search for his runaway teenage daughter who is busy making jazz flicks in the pits of L.A.

The below clip references the first, harrowing moment that Scott sees his daughter on film. This time around, however, he’s about to see something much, much worse…

For further reference, the appalling-looking Jack and Jill was also viciously parodied recently on South Park. Click here to see the full, hilarious scatological devastation.

Thanks to YouTuber pbonanno for the George C Scott clip.


1 thought on “George C Scott watches the trailer for the new Adam Sandler film

  1. Deborah Scott

    As one of the greatest actors of our time, I believe that you reside on the island also, kw I would very much like to meet you. You have a dinning establishment, if this is possible please let me know


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