Two Christopher Walken moments from heaven

1. Gigli (2003)Walken saunters into the middle of one of the most dreadful films of recent history to deliver the kind of unhinged cameo that only he can. From his offscreen ranting (“IT’S YOUR MOTHER!”, “Larry, I have a chicken!”) to his deranged threat/come-on to a confounded Ben Affleck (whose palpable confusion is probably for real) the whole episode is pure Walken gold. Fast-forward to 3:50 for the scene’s high point, in which he delivers the memorable lines: “You know what I’d love to do, right now? Go down to Marie Callender’s and get me a big bowl, pies, some ice cream on it, mmm hmm good. Put some on your head, your tongue would slap your brains out trying to get to it! Interested?”. Inexplicable, and wonderful.

2. All-American Murder (1991) – In which Walken swaggers into a rubbish TV movie (directed, weirdly, by Anson Williams aka Potsie Webber from Happy Days), insouciantly dispensing threats to rubbernecking members of the public, before going on to diffuse a hostage situation in fine style. Walken looks and acts like he’d rather be anywhere else, but delivers lines such as “In the time it takes you to get a hard on, she could simonize a car and learn Hebrew” with deadpan brilliance. Enjoy:

What’s your favourite Christopher Walken moment?

6 thoughts on “Two Christopher Walken moments from heaven

  1. Guillaume Gendron

    Jeez, All-American Murder looks like a stone cold classic from that scene only. Love the fingers-in-the-electric-plug hairstyle too.

    Here’s my Walken moments from heaven:

    A little bit of Walken’s dancing obviously: in this instance dressed as a French gigolo or something (could also be a John Waters clone) featuring titty-grabbing, stripping and tap dancing on the bar: Haven’t seen the whole film though, but this looks amazing.

    Then of course, still dance-related, this great scene from King of New York: Tension… Release.

    And the “Ever heard a coyote?” moment in At Close Range: “They make a sound like youhuhuhuhu… […] Raaaaaaaw!”

    Oh, and cherry on top, one of the most bizarre youtube memes: “Asians Doing Christopher Walken Impressions”:

  2. Cathy Landicho

    A Walken-dance-dream-come-true in one of Spike Jonze’s many brilliant music videos:

    Recent evidence that the man’s still got that comic timing – apparently because he takes the punctuation out of his scripts to give his speeches that unique rhythm:


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