A Right Royal Cockney Barrel of Monkeys

I heard Fatboy Slim’s indefatigably bouncy ‘Gangsta Trippin’ on the radio today for the first time in donkey’s years, and the below clip – perhaps BBC sketch show The Fast Show‘s finest hour – flooded back into my head.

A devastating satire of Guy Ritchie’s dated (though admittedly rather enjoyable) Mockney knees-ups Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, and the legions of deplorable imitations they spawned, the sketch is a masterpiece of sheer comic brilliance and savage wit crammed into just 100 seconds. Highlights abound, but special mention must be given to the unexpected namechecking of Graeme le Saux, and the immortal line:

“That rotter? He turned up my cousin’s funeral wearin’ white jeans… the maggot!”

I like to imagine that this sketch alone prompted Ritchie to gingerly edge away from the absurd, and thankfully short-lived, subgenre that he singlehandedly created.

Enjoy. You slag.

Courtesy of YouTuber UpstandingCitizen.

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