Word Up! CAMEO WATCH with Larry Blackmon #1 – Treat Williams in 127 Hours (Danny Boyle, 2010)

The first in an occasional series of contributions from a bona fide star.

Yo! I’m Larry Blackmon from 80s funk superstars Cameo, and I’m here to let y’all know about my favourite subject … that’s right – CAMEOS!

First up, its the original Prince of the City Treat Williams as Aron Ralston’s dad in 127 Hours. Would you believe it, he’s only in a couple of scenes and he doesn’t have a single line of dialogue. That’s some crazy shit – I can’t even find a picture of him in the film on Google! Still, he looks the part; he’s aged well, and his square-jawed gravitas makes you a little sad that he never really became a massive star in his own right.

For my money, 127 Hours is an intense, visceral and ultimately moving film, in which Boyle spins a pretty thin tale (for the uninitiated – true tale of a cocky hiker who falls down a canyon, gets his arm stuck and then chops it off with a penknife) into a universal parable about keeping in touch with your loved ones.

Boyle is a restless filmmaker and this shows through in his relentless use of cinematic tricks (flashes forward and back, split-screen, changes in film stock, soundtrack manipulation) to flesh out proceedings and create a necessary context for the suffering Ralston (an impressive James Franco) . It’s no Shallow Grave and it certainly won’t be for everyone (yes, its gruesome and a little trite), but it knocks Slumdog Millionaire into a cocked hat. And did I mention its got Treat Williams in it? Fo’ sho’!

Anyway, later Cameo fans! Until next time.

Larry B x

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