Spot the difference…

Check out these two posters of little-seen 1988 comedy Heart Condition to discover a masterclass in the art of the literal.

The (scarely believable, and impossible to get away with now) plot:

Bob Hoskins plays police sergeant Jack Moony, a racist cop and Denzel Washington plays Napoleon Stone, an adorable yet sleazy (!) ambulance chasing lawyer whom Moony hates. Moony’s years of bad habits, such as overeating, smoking, and drinking, finally catch up with him. At the same time, Stone is gunned down in a drive-by-shooting (!!). After suffering a heart attack, Moony wakes up to find out that his new heart was once Stone’s (!!!), and the dead lawyer’s ghost has become his constant companion (!!!!). Now, Moony will have to solve Stone’s murder (Oh, for fuck’s sake!)

The US poster:

and from Spain:

Love it!

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