Does anyone remember when Lenny Henry “whited up” for a film?

Nope? Didn’t think so. Here’s a reminder:

'True Identity' (1991) - In order to escape from the mob, an African-American man (Lenny Henry, right) must disguise himself as a white man. Same man ends up 19 years later, strangely, facing the cameras at Holiday Inns across England.

3 thoughts on “Does anyone remember when Lenny Henry “whited up” for a film?

  1. Drbendy

    I remember this, it was shown on BBC at the arse-end of the night as was many cheap and British made films. Other films that had this dead slot (11:50 I think it was) was Morons From Outer Space (Mel Smith and Jimmy Nail) and I think Nuns On The Run, it was everyones chance to see the Nationalised Rail rain and Thatcher clouds. When Montegos and Yellow Vauxhall Cavaliers ruled the Earth.

  2. Leanne Rochester

    Apparently, while the film was being shot, Lenny went out for the evening still “made-up”. He wanted to know if he would be treated any differently as a white man.


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