Inane in the Membrane.

Saturday night dating show Take Me Out on ITV surely has to be the most empty, pointless husk of television since its obvious precedent, Chris Tarrant’s Man-O-Man (check out that horrible jazzy music, and Requiem For A Dream-esque hen-night from hell atmosphere). Take Me Out is similarly all flash and no-trousers; a headache-inducing cocktail of hair-trigger editing, meaningless soundbites and flagrant  stupidity from all involved.

Paddy McGuinness, yesterday

The show is cheifly notable for Paddy McGuinness (above), blasting out a bewildering range of hopeless catchprases in his oft-indecipherable Northern tongue, none of which have a cat in hell’s chance of actually catching.  The only one that I could remember after the show was “…and remember, if you no-likey, no-lighty!” – this refers to the key action of the show; the premise of which I simply can’t be bothered to explain.  “Nice to see you, to see you … nice!” and “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” can rest easy in their catchphrase beds at night (after Roy Walker has tucked them in).

Yet, for some mystical reason, I know I will be watching this again.  Next week and every week. This makes me hate myself a bit.  It makes me feel a bit like going to the nearest cliff and doing this…

1 thought on “Inane in the Membrane.

  1. Steve Garside

    I read with severed interest your post regarding Take Me Out.

    O’Shea is an amiable fellow, who has clearly jumped at the chance to get involved in the key prime-time slot. Within weeks, expect the catch-phrases to be recycled up and down the country, be it schools, offices and A&E’s.

    The show features 30 of the Finest Female Specimen (FFS) I have laid my eyes on, and I only hope that the show is not live, for deprieving the clubs of Doncaster/Romford/Sheffield such talent would surely lead to economic disaster in such towns.

    If you care to discuss this more, I’ll be propped at the bar with a bottle of Corona in Fernando’s.


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